Congratulations! - YOU'RE ON YOUR WAY TO NEW REVENUE streams

Best of all, you pay NOTHING to get these new revenues!

Yes, as a property owner or carrier partner of Connected Edge Partners (CEP) there are  no additional costs!  ......only added revenues to you.  (Learn more by watching  our President's interview at ( )

For building owners, CEP pays new revenues when your commercial and/or retail in-building tenants purchase broadband services from any one of our Service Provider carrier partners. And, keep-in-mind, we do not ask for any exclusivity. 

For carriers, CEP gives you access to new buildings and new sales. All we ask for is your standard reseller commissions when CEP non-exclusively sells its carrier partners' services to the tenants of our property owner partners.

Along with new revenues, what other rewards do building owners get when partnering with CEP?


No-cost fiber optic based capital improvements at your properties. (To learn more, see our recently published article "Six Steps to Deploying Fiber Optics to Your Buildings")      


Enable improved, scalable telecommunications services to attract and maintain quality tenants     


Carrier-neutral broadband competition in your building resulting in choice and lower pricing

4) HAPPIER TENANTS   More commercial lease signings and happier tenants who want to come to and stay in your buildings


Improved disaster recovery capabilities via the facilitation of multiple service providers in buildings with diverse routings


Manage carrier Right of Entry (ROE) requests that come to you frequently. Make ROE requests a source of revenues and not a source of problems 


Broadband “future proofed” buildings connectable to new Meet-me-Room/colos that are ready for multiple carriers, 5G and Smart City developments


Internet content delivery protections that mitigate any harms caused by Net Neutrality repeal     

9) FACILITATE ADDITIONAL 5G-RELATED LEASE REVENUES   CEP's business model is attractive to our wireless carrier partners who want to lease from our property owner partners locations for small cells and brief-case size 5G antennas 


Improvements to your overall real estate portfolio valuations via new, enhanced and strategic telecommunications infrastructures at your buildings (*A recent study indicates a 28% increase!)   

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Please see below to learn even more about our property owner and carrier partnerships.

Two kinds of partnerships and how they both benefit tenants

Property Owner Partnerships

For our large portfolio property owner partners our partnerships guide and enhance their relationships with carriers primarily with respect to the Right of Entry (ROE) agreements that they are, on a daily basis, asked to enter into with carriers to access their commercial or retail buildings in order to sell carrier services to their tenants.  

Further, we facilitate the evolving of the building’s MPOE (minimum-point-of-entry) into a carrier-neutral Meet Me Room / Collocation environment where peering and cross-connects can foster greater competition and choice for tenants.  In the end, both ROEs entered into and MPOE improvements will form the basis for new untapped revenues that Connected Edge Partners will pay to property owners.

For more information on changes to the MPOE please click below.

Carrier Partnerships

For our carrier partners we go well beyond appreciating their view that their services are a valuable amenity to the building, one that takes care of an important need of the tenant (and one that is installed at no cost to property owners), we also garner for them the many ROEs they desire.   

Along with these ROEs, we also act as their authorized Channel Partner in the same buildings where we were instrumental in getting a ROE signed.  So, we not only facilitate getting the ROE, we also sell our carrier partner’s services to the tenants of the same buildings having ROEs.  All our sales result from traditional Agency Agreements entered into with our carrier partners which form a part of our nationwide umbrella of Channel Partner relationships throughout the industry.  In the end, ROEs facilitate our sales leading to new sources of revenues that Connected Edge Partners provides to carriers via its Channel Partner relationships with them.  And, with all this comes the added benefit of improved relationships with our property owner partners.


Simply put, our ROE and sales enabling processes are proactive, collaborative and profitable for both our valued partners of property owners and carriers.