How do CEP partnered property owners receive new untapped revenues?

It is a common practice for carriers to allow authorized resellers to sell their services to potential customers for greater revenues.  Because CEP knows that property owners are required to sign ROEs to allow these services in their buildings, CEP has decided to share its commissions received from its carrier partners (respecting sales it makes to its property owner partner tenants) with CEP's property owner partners.  And, it does this without passing on this cost to its carrier partners.  

Must a CEP property owner partner's tenants use only telecom services sold by CEP?

"NO" both tenants and property owners are free to use any telecom carrier they want to use.  CEP provides its services to property owners, in a competitive environment, without any requests for exclusivity.

Is there a cost to the carrier when CEP gets an Right of Entry (ROE) on behalf of the carrier?

Unlike ROE attainment contractors who charge carriers for getting signed ROEs for them, CEP provides to carriers multiple or "bundled" ROEs to multiple buildings free of charge.  We do this for the privilage of being able to sell their services to tenants with the permission of our property owner partners.

How do broadband carriers, who partner with CEP, receive increased revenues?

Unlike other resellers, who rely on its carrier partner's inventory of connected ("lit") buildings to sell into, CEP focuses on providing to its carrier partners ROEs that provide them even greater sales revenues because of all the new potential customers that exist in "un-lit" buildings where tenants previously had no other choice for their telecom services.  

Do CEP's carrier partners pay more to CEP because of its property owner partnerships?

"NO" carriers do not pay more.  Because resellers must be competitive, their sales commmisions must reflect the telecom industries' expectations regarding how much commission can be paid.  However, we are unique in that we are willing to share these commissions with our property owner partners without passing on this cost to our carrier partners.  

Is CEP suggesting that property owners will make lots of money when signing ROEs?

The answer is "NO".  And, you may be surprised by this answer.  Allow us to explain.  What we are suggesting is that, since you will be signing ROEs anyway in response to both tenant and carrier requests that you sign, rather than just sign, make the ROE experience provide you some financial reward, while your main goal should be to satisfy your tenant's telecom needs.