here's how tenants and LANDLORDS can Get their buildings connected to the "edge"

Tenants and/or Landlords: To learn more about partnering with CEP please send us a message or provide us the information requested on the right (such as: tell us about your office buildings/retail center), or simply ask us a question. We'll respond soon!

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When building owners list their buildings with us they will see added revenues grow each time they add another building to the CEP partnership

(Revenues come to Building Owners because we are the only Resellers who share sales commissions as received from carriers with the Owners when  CEP non-exclusively sells carrier telecom services to tenants with Owner's permission.  And, keep in mind that both tenants and carriers pay no more to us because of our beneficial unique partnerships with Buildings Owners.)   

For Tenants wanting fiber to their building or Building Owners seeking more revenues please tell us about:

  • Your building/retail center (& for Owners your tenants)
  • The location of the buildlng/center, including address, city, state & zip
  • Your current telecom service provider(s)

Add your phone number if you would like us to call you.

Connected Edge Partners will get back to you soon!

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Thank you! - 314.307.0457